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Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

A Men's Artistic gymnast at EVGC trains between 2 and 5 days a week to develop their skills in much greater detail, always aiming for perfection.

These gymnasts compete six pieces of apparatus, each requiring its own specific combination of strength, flexibility, co-ordination and power.

The floor exercise is performed on a 12m x 12m square and consists of predominantly tumble runs made up of flips and somersaults forwards backwards and sideways split up with strength and balance elements and artistic turns and jumps.

Pommel Horse
A true test of muscular endurance and balance. Gymnasts must circle around on only their hands whilst performing turns and travels using both the leather horse and the two handles in the centre.

The strong man’s apparatus.  Gymnasts must perform a mixture of swinging and static strength elements both above and below the rings finishing with a dismount

Blink and you’ll miss it!  The vaulting horse stands at a maximum height of 1.35m.  Gymnasts must run from a maximum distance of 25 metres, jump on a springboard and propel themselves off the vaulting table with their hands, performing a variety of somersaults and twists in the air before landing on their feet in a designated zone.

Parallel Bars
The parallel bars stand 2 metres from the ground and gymnasts are required to swing and turn both above and below the bars and finish with a dismount.

Horizontal Bar
Standing a staggering 2.8 metres from the ground the high bar is perhaps the most spectacular apparatus and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!  Gymnasts must swing around in a variety of grips as well as performing turns and release and catch elements all capped of with a spectacular multi-somersault dismount.

In our current squad we have gymnasts in the 5 to 20 age group competing at Regional and National levels.

If you would like to trial for the EVGC Men’s Artistic Squad please contact the club.